Friday, 11 June 2010

5-11 June

This is likely to be a very short and slightly dull entry, as this week was mainly made up of sitting in my flat desperately trying not to go out and spend money. I'm desperately low on cash right now, and since work isn't giving out shifts over summer, I currently have no income. Also, being something of an idiot, I don't know how to be in London without spending money, so I isolated myself with books and the internet to make sure I spent as little as possible (£15 in 3 days is incredibly good for me). It was actually quite relaxing, staying in bed until the middle of the afternoon to ensure I didn't get so bored I chewed my own fingers off in frustration.

Unfortunately, and somewhat inevitably, I almost did anyway...

But the last few days of the week perked up, with a slightly weird but quite fun gig in Covent Garden on Wednesday, which I feel I performed well at even though I completely lost my thread part way through the set. Turns out I did all the material I had planned to, it just didn't last as long as it did. I'm still working on my new material at the moment, and it doesn't quite hang together too well, but I'm working on the links and the general presentation.

Things brightened up further with a really good fun gig in Piccadilly at the inaugural We Love Open Mic Comedy, a night which I really recommend. It's run by Renata Muss and Sean Brightman, two of the nicest people I've encountered on the circuit, and the crowd was really warm and responsive. It helped that there were a few familiar faces on the bill, so I got to chat with a great bunch of comics during the intervals and after the show.

It's surprising that I'm currently able to write such positive stuff about people, seeing as it's a bit later than I usually write the blog, and I'm quite tired.

Apologies for the boring nature of this entry, that will happen when you do nothing and then try to be interesting about it.

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